WTL Announces New Logo




The Woodbridge Town Library is debuting a new logo, marking the most dramatic change in its visual identity in many decades. Using a modern, geometric form in green, the logo better reflects the library today as it nods toward technology and innovation. The logo was inspired by an adaptation of an architectural element from the oldest part of the Library, specifically an ornamental wooden motif on its roof.

“Our new logo is not only eye-catching, but it also clearly conveys who we are to the community,” said Eric Werthmann, Library Director. “It does this containing a visual element that reflects our traditions, while also emphasizing our forward-thinking outlook.”

The new logo was designed by Michelle Kliman of Chicago-based MK Studios. Michelle is a Woodbridge native, which gave her a special insight into the local community.

“I took inspiration from the history of the original building and its architectural elements to create a design with heritage, while making it modern, clean, and contemporary.” said Kliman.

Please look for the new logo on  future publicity materials. The library will have new “swag” featuring the logo in upcoming weeks.



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