Pair Your Holiday Gifts with Books!

Beginning November 19, just before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the Friends of the Library are setting up a Holiday Gift Suggestion Boutique in the Bookstore Alley. Special finds in book donations will be displayed on carts with “PAIRING” suggestions so that you can buy a book and pair it with a gift. For example, a lovely book on bird identification can be paired with bird seed or binoculars. Or, a mens’ clothing book can be paired with a tie or a set of fun socks. Visit the Bookstore Alley Gift Boutique and find great suggestions for pairing a book with a gift.  (Gifts not included, you have to buy that part elsewhere !!) Remember – the prices at Bookstore Alley are very, very low!

For more information, stop by the Library or contact the Friends at 203-389-3493 or

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