2018 One Book, One Town: The Boys in the Boat

161585422018 One Book, One Town

by Daniel James Brown

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Our One Book, One Town title celebrates the 1936 U.S. men’s Olympic eight-oar rowing team—nine working class boys who stormed the rowing world, transformed the sport, and galvanized the attention of millions of Americans. Against the grim backdrop of the Great Depression, they reaffirmed the American notion that merit, in the end, outweighs birthright. They reminded the country of what can be done when everyone quite literally pulls together. And they provided hope that in the titanic struggle that lay just ahead, the ruthless might of the Nazis would not prevail over American grit, determination, and optimism.

Copies are available in print, large print, and audiobook at the circulation desk.

Film Screening—American Experience: The Boys of ‘36
Thursday, April 5
The thrilling story of the American Olympic rowing team that triumphed against all odds in Nazi Germany. Featuring interviews with Brown, historians and surviving children of the 1936 Washington team, the film recounts their unexpected victory and the obstacles they overcame to achieve it, giving hope to a nation struggling to emerge from the depths of the Great Depression.

150 Years of Women’s Rowing with Tom Weil and Anne Boucher
Tuesday, April 10
The story of women’s rowing goes back over a century, a fact that many do not know. Join Woodbridge residents Tom Weil and Anne Boucher as they discuss the history of women’s rowing. Tom will cover 1860 to 1970, and Anne will speak about 1970 to the present day, including her own personal memories of the time period and rowing for Yale. Click here to register.

The Boys in the Boat…The Rest of the Story with Jim Pocock
Monday, April 16
George Pocock’s great-nephew Jim Pocock will speak about his personal memories of his great uncle, as well as his grandfather Dick who built boats exclusively for Yale for 46 years. He will include many interesting stories not included in the book, and fill in some colorful background on others. The Annual Purves Lecture, sponsored by The Friends of the Library. Click here to register.

Depression-Era Food Demonstration with
Robin Glowa, The Conscious Cook

Tuesday, April 17
Travel back in time to talk about and taste the foods of America during the Great Depression. Samples and recipes will be provided. Click here to register.

Bedlam Brothers String Band Concert
Friday, April 20
The Bedlam Brothers play an eclectic mix of old time American roots music, fiddle tunes, country music from the 1920’s and 30’s, and a mix of folk music. Four musicians with great vocal harmonies, they play a variety of instruments: banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, accordion, slide guitar, bones, concertina, and whatever else comes along for the ride that day. Click here to register.

Brother Can you Spare a Dime? Entertainment During the Great Depression with Hamish Lutris
Monday, April 23
Although the worst economic downturn in recent history, the Great Depression had other effects besides unemployment. It gave rise to a massive entertainment industry, designed to take people’s minds off hardship and make them laugh. Alcohol was legal again; movie stars captured the American imagination; sports became sensational- all these things, which we take for granted, had their start in the Great Depression. This talk will center on the trends and personalities that made the Depression so entertaining, even while so much of the country was suffering. Click here to register.

The Boys in the Boat Book Discussion with Dr. Mark Schenker
Monday, April 30
Join us to discuss our One Book title. Dr. Mark Schenker, Senior Associate Dean of Yale College and Dean of Academic Affairs, returns to the library to lead the lively conversation. Click here to register.

Film Screening—A Hero for Daisy
Thursday, May 3
The film chronicles the story of Title IX pioneer and two-time Olympian Chris Ernst, who galvanized her rowing team to storm the Yale athletic director’s office in 1976, protesting the lack of athletic facilities for women. Nineteen athletes stripped, exposing the phrase “Title IX” in blue marker (referring to legislation enacted in 1972, mandating gender equity for all institutions receiving federal aid). The impact was immediate and national in scope.

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